“We are not defined by what we have, but by what we give”

Tohunga, Medicine men, and women, Ajqij, Curandero or Curandera to name a few are known practitioners within their tribes. These humble people are experts initiated according to their knowledge, wisdom, commitment, dedication, sacred gifts they either inherited through genealogy or taught by former experts. It’s a profound journey that takes patience, commitment, and sacrifice. One compulsory detail to highlight is, as a prerequisite, after initiation the practitioner is obligated to help the tribe, people, and culture who guided the journey. This could be anywhere from 10-30 years to a lifetime commitment before you are discharged to teach, travel and work outside of your tribe. WHY? This is a very ancient and sacred practice that has been protected in its original form for eons.

All practitioners work with primordial energies and spirits. They have a deep connection to the network of energy and to the cosmos. These skilled practitioners will never call themselves by these titles, names or labels. They would rather be known as a normal person who simply cares to help. Humility is a vital lesson you learn when embarking on a spiritual journey. It authenticates a person’s humanity, an essential quality to have not only as a practitioner but as humans.

Ancient cultures who still live, work and believe in their worldview, are so deeply connected to the cosmos that the problems of the world do not exist, why? not because they are uninformed or lack technology, but simply they trust in the creation that created them. Every day we are repeating acts of creation, everything in the cosmos has been cultivated according to indigenous worldviews. Our jobs as practitioners, guardians, and caretakers, is to reconnect those who have disconnected to the universe, to the universal consciousness, therefore to ourselves.

Te Aawroa respects the indigenous way. The skilled gifted people who serve their time to helping and guiding others through Te Awaroa are referred to here as “practioner/s a (person who practices something specified). We do not provide biographies or profiles of our practitioners until a booking has been made. The reason for this is, TRUST, you will be guided to the type of treatment you require byways of divine guidance. We provide information (see below) of the services we provide. There is not one modality we operate under, everyone is different. 

All practitioners have a minimum 10-year experience rate, which means all have been serving their gifts for 10 years + to this current time. We suggest and encourage you to get a feeling for our services. Not everyone will feel a connection, nor would they like what the see, and that’s ok, we trust in the universe and who it sends.