Me hoki whakamuri, kia anga whakamua

Look to the past, to forge the future

Applied ancestral knowledge is the heart of Te Awaroa, which accentuates traditional and contemporary knowledge. We have decoded the ancient language, dream time or time of the sacred, to share, teach and re-create an archetype of conscious guardians and caretakers of our sacred earth. The current paradigm is not working, we cannot cultivate an act that has already been cultivated. There is nothing uncultivated in the universe. Therefore, we can only repeat the divine acts of creation. To cultivate a culture of love, peace, and harmony is the repetition of a primordial act. The myths and legends of the world describe different acts of gods cultivating love, peace, harmony and so on. These acts are the foundations of our worldviews. 

We aspire to awaken the sacred primordial river to bring spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological health and well-being to all people. Our bodily fluids, our blood, our DNA is the manifestation, the embodiment of this cosmic fluid, encoded with creation energy, power, ancestral knowledge and wisdom connecting us to the past, present and future. The sacred waters of creation cascades through our body-mind-soul and heart. The eternal waters are temporal then returned, as everything else in the universe, it is only borrowed. There is nothing we own.

The well-being of the people and the universe in unison is imperative to the survival of humanity. This is the sacred relationship our ancestors guarded, the natural harmony, the cosmic balance of the universe, a divine space, without fear, without structure, untouched by any concept, a pure state of being. It is an individual’s right to summon power from creation to create. It is the ability to have an intimate, meaningful conversation with life itself to manifest true potential. Te Awaroa will support you to become autonomous, to find your vocation, your authenticity on this journey we call life, remember “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey ” – Pierre Teilhard 

We invite you, to embark on a journey, connecting to the deep energy of the cosmos, the sacred Mauri, and relationship- the natural balance and harmony, a pilgrimage set forth by our forefather’s and foremother’s, our ancestors, a path paved by the gods….. Can you hear the Karanga? the sacred call?

The sacred river is a mirror of the soul, it has no form or shape, to gaze into it, is to gaze into yourself. You become conscious and aware, you feel a deep connection of love and peace, only then are you ready to embark on a journey: the transformation of chaos into cosmos by the divine act of Creation.

The indigenous Maori of Aotearoa-New Zealand share:  Te Matemateao, has a number of facets but is essentially a feeling of genuine relationship and behavior between the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Matemateao grows from within, the physical cues such as the natural elements and environments are all factors that activate matemateao. Everyone shares a subtle code of ancestral knowledge that goes to make up matemateao, this divine frequency encoded in our DNA. This sense of place and affinity can only be found within, one must make the inner journey to reconnect and rebuild relationships with himself, rebalance then restart. When you are in harmony with yourself and everything around you only then will you find your deep connection to the network of universal energy tangible and intangible. What is important is the relationship factor – how your body, mind, heart and soul combines or connects, to make you the unique being that you are. Te Matemateao encapsulates humanity and the ancestral heritage of the universe.


The primordial waters of creation


Many cultures share their disparities and similarities about the creation of the universe. Most cultures still retain this knowledge and wisdom, the ancient ways, practices, and teachings.  Their deep connection to the earth, sun, moon, and stars, to the natural flow of energy.Their love for nature and the cosmos, a constant exchange of energy, connecting us to and fro. In most creation myths, waters appear as a sacred fluid within the earth-womb and in cosmogonic myths, it appears as a womb from which the earth is born. A beautiful articulation of the great emergence from darkness, nothingness, the formless and indefinite order, out of which form and order are created. Indigenous Cosmogony, the theory of the origins of the universe proposed an initial state characterized by primordial waters plunged in cosmic darkness…

‘Time of the Sacred’ or ‘Dream Time’ in other words in ‘cosmogony’. Before existence, it is merely the ‘water’ the lies in tranquility, in a chaotic stage whose color is dark and blackish reminding the womb of a fertile deity. “Tales of creation, cosmogonic myths, which characteristically depict the emergence of order from a state of chaos, commonly begin with a description of the void; in many if not in most of these narratives, the original chaos is represented as the primal waters that exist before creation begins.” (Eliade, 1967: 83)


THIS IS THE ACCOUNT of when all is still silent and placid. All is silent and calm. Hushed and empty is the womb of the sky. THESE, then, are the first words, the first speech. There is not yet one person, one animal, bird, fish, crab, tree, rock, hollow, canyon, meadow, or forest. All alone the sky exists. The face of the earth has not yet appeared. Alone lies the expanse of the sea, along with the womb of all the sky. There is not yet anything gathered together. All is at rest. Nothing stirs. All is languid, at rest in the sky. There is not yet anything standing erect. Only the expanse of the water, only the tranquil sea lies alone. There is not yet anything that might exist. All lies placid and silent in the darkness, in the night. 

POPOL VUL Sacred Book of the Quiché Maya People                                                  Translation by Allen J. Christenson


On the second night Io laid in slumber surrounded by water, he looked into the sacred river and for the first time, he saw himself. His reflection, his greatness, his divinity, deeply awakening the consciousness, he saw his soul emerge. He drank from this river feeling every drop, every molecule, Aware of this state conception unfolded, states of consciousness, the universe, permeating the macrocosm and the microcosm in its balance. The supreme god Io ‘expressed the desire to emerge from his repose. Immediately, light appeared.’ Form is instituted in the act of creation: ‘Then he went on: “Ye waters of Tai-kama, be ye separate. Heavens, be formed!”  Maori of Aotearoa

The universe itself is a process or event within the cosmic process by which Io orders creation. Io is the grand weaver, sewing the universe together into a magnificent fabric.”   

(The Woven Universe, Marsden)                                                                                                                                                       \


In the begin- ning there was water everywhere and the sky was clear and cloudless, but suddenly a cloud formed in the sky, condensed and changed into Coyote.   From the Achomavi people of North America


We invite you to explore our Te Awaroa community. Follow your heart and trust your feeling.