The wharenui is a place of gathering that brings families, communities, and tribes together. The marae is fundamental to Māori life and stands as the beating heart of our culture. Intricate carvings across the wharenui tell the stories of the tribe to be preserved for future generations.

The wharenui represents the body of an ancestor, and contains within it the whole whakapapa (genealogy) of its people, reaching back through generations and migrations and eons until it touches the cosmology and origins of all things. The whakairo, or carvings, along the walls of the wharenui, and on the front of the wharenui, represent ancestors and ancestral stories. The tukutuku or sacred weavings represents our connections to the natural world and each other, all through the same mechanism of whakapapa. When we go into a wharenui, we go into the belly of the ancestor, into the sacred space of creation where we can upload and download the knowledge and wisdom.




  • Please remove shoes before entering the wharenui at all times. ( You are entering a sacred space, and as a sign of respect we do this)
  • Absolutely no food, alcohol, drugs are to be consumed inside the wharenui. Drinking water or fluid is permitted.
  • No swearing or use of foul language inside the wharenui
  • When sleeping i the wharenui please be respectful of those around you
  • Please do not hang anything on the walls