Awa women coming together

Women’s wellness is something special to the Te Awaroa community. This woman only environment is a space of time where women can feel cared for and carefree. A space where woman help each other cultivate “womanhood” celebrate the divine feminine, and ultimately making small steps that can have profound, life-changing effects. (Te Awaroa woman)  River sisters are a global network of woman elevating the level of love, peace, and harmony in the world. together we will heal, together we will be conscious, together we will dance to the beautiful rhythm of the universe, to the divine sacred feminine frequency cultivating a culture of equality and oneness. Can you hear the call? can you feel it? Your global sisters await you…….

Awa women

who are we

Te Awaroa empowers and re-directs the flow of the primordial waters. We will repeat creation, and reconnect to the divine feminine, to the ancestral energies,  In the divine act of creation, the divine Goddess was entrusted to the most purist and divine energy, housed in the most sacred space. ……



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Registrations are open to the women of the world, wanting to participate in a sacred circle with other divine goddesses. Awa woman circles are for all woman wanting to become apart of a global network.
Join a circle in your area and become apart of a movement shaping the way of the future.


create a CIRCLE


We can support you in creating an Awa circle in your area. As an Awa leader sister, you will have support with the establishment of your circle.

You will receive a monthly newsletter, exclusive for circle leaders on monthly themes, hints, rituals, and much much more.

We are excited to support all woman of the world, and as a leader for opening and holding a sacred space for woman.

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women retreat


Women typically play many roles in life – mother, daughter, wife, partner, aunt, grandmother, employee/boss, friend – but we often lose sight of our most important role, which is, to be ourselves.

Our Retreats are held in locations which are surrounded by nature’s beauty and provide a wonderful, supportive atmosphere so that you can truly focus on yourself. 

I AM A WOMAN retreat nurtures your divine essence and value!!



Te Awaroa inspires simple changes that matter in your life, NO pressure, No judgment, NO perfection