When you are in harmony with yourself, and everything around you, only then will you find your deep connection to the network of universal energy tangible and intangible. What is important is the relationship factor – how your body, mind, heart, and soul combines or connects, to make you the unique being that you are. Te Awaroa encapsulates humanity and the ancestral heritage of the universe. Within the Te Awaroa family, are experienced practitioners providing a range of holistic approaches to cater to the individual or collective well-being. We invite all wanting to experience, learn, share and be apart of our family.




Our Team



Sacred Altar

Our sacred altar is for all distant healing, prayer, and dedications. There is no charge or fee for this service.  

Healing Clinic

Our experienced, healers, coaches, shamans, mediums, psychics, bodywork and, natural medicine practitioners, oracles to name a few are all initiated with years of experience to offer treatment and care.

Journeys & Retreats

We provide unique experiences and 

encounters with some of the worlds oldest tribes. These life-changing encounters enrich your body-mind-and-soul, propelling you into your heart.


The heart of Te Awaroa wananga is applied ancestral knowledge. We promote, teach, support and develop antiquated indigenous methods and practical philosophies 

Awa Woman

The gathering of woman is an ancient practice in indigenous tribes. Join a circle in your area alternatively, we can support you in creating an Awa women’s circle.