Our Vision

The repetition of acts of creation. To re-create a global network of sacred guardians for our sacred humanity. To re-build our communities with the original vision, the blueprint of love, peace, and natural harmony. Empowering humanity with the tools and resources to become Guardians and Keepers of our sacred earth.

Our passion

We believe in a person-centered approach and in providing quality, authentic ancestral knowledge. We believe in working alongside – and in tandem with – Indigenous cultures including individual’s, families, friends, and communities to build a network that provides original concepts and beliefs of our sacred humanity.

 Our commitment

We are committed to advancing the primordial acts of creation, by re-creating a paradigm based on ancient philosophies practically applicable in a modern time. We are committed to the universal advancement of unity and equality, Therefore, we promote love, peace, harmony and invite everyone to join us in pursuit of re-creating our sacred humanity.