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The heart of Te Awaroa wananga is applied ancestral knowledge. We promote, teach, support and develop antiquated indigenous methods and practical philosophies  The chosen method of approach in each module is a combination of ancient and traditional wisdom applicable in a modern time. For more information please see enclosed.

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Journey with us into the heart of sacred and magical cultures. We provide unique experiences and encounters with some of the worlds oldest tribes. These life-changing encounters enrich your body-mind-and-soul, propelling you into your heart. Join us as we make conscious footsteps voyaging into sacred spaces.

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The Awa Alter is here for all who wish for FREE distant healing, energy, and prayers. It also is a space we hold for the sick, unable and deceased. Light a candle, dedicate your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. See enclosed for more information.

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Our experienced, healers, coaches, shamans, mediums, psychics, bodywork and, natural medicine practitioners, oracles to name a few are all initiated with years of experience to offer treatment and care.  Day clinics can be available in your area on request. Please see enclosed for more information.

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ceremonies & rituals

Our ceremonies, rituals, and offerings are based on traditional worldviews and practices of different cultures. Practitioners are initiated in the culture with permission to lead ceremonies, rituals, and rights of passage.For dates, information and request please see enclosed.

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letters from papatuanuku

Would you like to receive a channeled message from Papatuanuku, Pachamama, our sacred Earth mother? Sign up to receive your free special message today. 

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        You can also dedicate a prayer,
candle or message. We will add
you to our prayer and sacred mesa.

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Every day is earth day, but on the 21st day of every month, we dedicate this day to our planet earth. Find out how you can participate in our Earth rituals.

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love, peace, kindness






Toj is to thank, to reconcile ourselves with ourselves and others under the Ajaw ; also, it is a day to heal our pains and sufferings. It is as well a day to obtain what we need and to thank for life and all that it has given to us. If we feel we are failing, we have to understand we are responsible for our failures as our failures result from our lack of knowing how to look for and then find the thread or path of our destiny.

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