A journey into the heart of indigenous cultures is an experience that facilitates self-grow, self-awareness, spiritual direction that provides a space for creative explorations. We provide magical journeys into some of the worlds oldest cultures and tribes. Native people who have opened their hearts, knowledge, and wisdom to share.

Every culture, tribe, and individual we come in contact with are people we have built relationships with over years, therefore we have a mutual trust and respect with a common love for our sacred humanity. There’s a special place in the world waiting for you, waiting to work some inner magic. It’s as if the very vibration of our cells matches the vibrations of this special place, and when they are vibrating together it is an unsung harmony that is outta this world. 

A pilgrimage of our sacred earth.



Guatemala 2018

Journey into the heart of the Mayan culture. Together with the Ajqij and Curandera’s will make this journey a retreat for the soul. 

This magical excursion into the 20 sacred energies “Nahules” of the Mayan culture will guide us through Guatemala, and into ourselves. 

With an established culture, we are introduced deeply into the heart of Maya through the Ajqij keepers of the sacred fire.

Journey into the heart of the Maya, and discover a rich cultural heritage.

Germany 2018


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a Maori chief, orator, and ambassador of Aotearoa New Zealand perform a ceremony traditionally only done on Maori reservations.

We have a rare opportunity to be apart of this ceremony where initiated tohunga removes the sacredness from an ancestral house then reinstalls it.

Rauru is a Maori ancestral house that now resides in the Hamburg Museum.



Retreat 18

Women’s retreats can be a true journey into discovering your feminine nature, as well as the masculine that balances it.

In this retreat, we will journey back to the creation of the sacred feminine.

Reconnecting, reawakening and re-empowering the inner goddess and her special powers and abilities, through chants, sacred rituals, and movement to the sacred feminine frequency.  When we connect deeply with other women we connect with ourselves. 


New Zealand 2019

 WAIRUA Wānanga (Spiritual school of Higher Learning) T1

Wairua Wānanga is applied ancestral knowledge which accentuates traditional and contemporary knowledge. Tōhunga knowledge, rituals, ceremony and applied Tōhunga practices.

This unique journey is one of the most intimate and meaningful paths to take if you wish to learn and acquire ancient Maori, wisdom, and knowledge.


New Zealand 2019


New Zealand is home to the indigenous Maori people. On this journey, we have the rare opportunity to learn, share and live with the local Maori tribes.

Not only will you get a very rare and authentic induction into the traditional world of the Maori, but you will also have the opportunity to participate in healing rituals and ceremonies.

New Zealand is a natural wonder with many magical places, traditions, culture, food and nature to explore.

Join us on this unique Journey into the Ring of Fire.

Hawaii 2019

E mahalo ka kou i ka mea loa’a Let us be thankful for what we have

The beautiful Island of Hawaii home to the Hawaiana, keepers, protectors, and guardians of the Aloha 

The special journey through the lush and amazing energy of Hawaii allows one to connect to their inner beauty, to their inner aloha to their inner healer.

Join us as we learn and practice a sacred ceremony, taught by the indigenous Kumu and Ali’i.

Guatemala 2019

Experience a culture rich in tradition, colorful and lively.

The Maya people of Guatemala opens their doors to share, show and give and an unforgettable excursion into their world.

Join us and we journey with the Ajqij into the ancient world of the Maya, through fire rituals, cleansings, healings and experiencing yourself in the 20 Nahuales “sacred energies”

Matiox.( to give thanks to creation)




                                                                            SOME OF OUR VIRTUES

Compassion, balance, connected, aroha, tolerance, resourceful, sacred, fearless, wise, co-operation, unity, powerful, supernatural,courage, discretion, strong, hearted, making available, giving worth, timelessness, spacelessness, procreation, heart, honour, loyalty, freedom, asking for help, spiritual, forgiveness, loyalty, love, transformation, duty, self worth, humility, devotion, making family whanaungatanga,

personal, consensual, reciprocity, connection, grace, awareness, light spirited, harmony, personal magic, godly, family, diversity, adventurous, mother’s love, father’s love, brothers’ love, sister love, family love, kuia love, koroua love, relationship love,cultural love, universal love, cosmic love, hospitality, altruism, knowledgeable, sacrifice, fulfilment, life-giving