About this form

The purpose of this form is to protect you and your personal information. It is your legal right to agree or disagree with how your personal information is used. Therefore, we have created this policy to meet your obligations and the obligations of others. Print and bring this form to Aotearoa. Every facilitator, associate of Aotearoa that collects your personal information, also if you collect personal information of associates, must agree and sign this form.


This  PrivacAct controls how participants and associates of Karanga Aotearoa T12019 collect, use, disclose, store and give access to ‘personal information’.

Personal information is any information that can identify you as an individual. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • your name
  • your address
  • a picture of your face
  • a record of your opinion and views
  • employment information
  • health records
  • financial information.

Because, we are dealing with personal information, there is no exemption from this agreement. Under the NZ Privacy Act 1993 everyone holding personal information about others – have to comply with the Privacy Act.

 Privacy policy for Aotearoa 2019 Download here