Message from Toj Pwaq

Dear brothers and sisters of Mother Earth:

During the last Oxlajuj Baqtun cycle, the long count of 5,125 years, we have designed and practiced a mental colonization of humanity that disconnected us from the umbilical cord of the central energy of the Heart of the Cosmos. 
Our sadness, our pain and our serious problems are the result of the separation with our celestial roots; we have left the total harmony to experience our human projects in a limited material world.

With the advent of the new sun, the time has come to remember our true origins, it is time to recognize that we are a small part of the cosmic balance, it is time to find back the rhythm of the collective Heart.
Our Mayan ancestors remind us that it is through the love we have to the ALL that gives the love of each of its small parts.

Thank you.

Don Francisco Puac Bixcul


MAYAB IX (Health and Environment) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1998 and legalized in 2007 which is dedicated to improving the living conditions of the poorest population of the western region of Guatemala. For many years we have worked with communities such as Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan, Nahualá, Santa Cruz La Laguna San Pedro La Laguna. 

We carry medicine, nurses, physicians at no cost to the places that have no access to it due to bad road, extreme poverty, or other factors that limit access to such services, promoting healthy lifestyles, also worked very hard on decreasing maternal mortality problem that has high percentages in these regions. 

We have known about the reality of these communities, how difficult is life for the families we support is for these reasons that there MAYAB IX. We are confident that improving health, education and environment in these communities the future for all will be very promising. 

Please contoact us for more information